Cudworth Christmas Lights CrowdFunder

Cudworth High Street at Christmas

Have you heard about the Cudworth Christmas Light fundraising and our new online Cudworth Christmas Lights CrowdFunder? You may have seen collection boxes around the village and full list of the amazing shops can be found at the bottom of this article. We’ve had volunteers in the Co-op, stood with our collection tub since March […]

Cudworth News for January 2018

Cudworth Facebook Page

Here’s the latest Cudworth News for January 2018 including updates on the Principle Towns Project. Visit Cudworth Website We’ve launched a new Cudworth Website called “Visit Cudworth”. You might be on the website right now and if so thank you for your support. You’re awesome. Visit Cudworth is still being developed with lots of exciting […]

Wishes Greeting Cards & Gifts – Cudworth Bunny Stop

Wishes of Cudworth

Julia Keeling is the owner of Wishes: Greeting Cards and Gifts and is proud to be one of our Bunny Stops. What do you sell? Greeting cards. Lots of them: Birthday cards, Anniversary, Wedding, Thank You, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas cards to name but a few, phew… We also sell gifts […]