Cudworth Businesses & Community Together  Meeting Minutes February 2019

Cudworth Community

Attending: Chris Fox (Chairperson), Andrew Scattergood (Secretary), Kerry Barker, Janice Ennis, Julia Keeling, Mick White, Sally Bean, Charlie Wraith (Councillor), David Gill (Community Development Officer)

Apologies: Rowena Butteriss, Tina Heaton, Jonathan Davis (Treasurer), Chloe Roberts


CF welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone for coming. He gave apologies (above).

Treasurer’s & Fundraising Action Points:

  • CF stated that he had been spending time in the CO-OP with the collection bucket and had managed to collect approximately £85.00 to date.
  • He also went on to appeal for others to volunteer to collect in the CO-OP. We would need to let him know in advance, however, so that this can be confirmed with CO-OP. CF also confirmed that some collection tubs had been redistributed in local shops.
  • CF has volunteered and booked in sessions on the following dates to collect in the Co-op: 16.03.19 / 23.03.19 / 06.04.19 / 27.04.19.
  • CF stated that he would need to get the accounts externally verified and stated that he would organise this with Tina. Action Point: CF
  • CF stated that the main focus on the next two months would be predominantly looking at raising money. This is required to pay for some upcoming activities and events; namely the Cudworth Walk Map, 2020 Calendar and to top up the funds for the Christmas Fair (if/when required).
  • CF stated that he intended to complete the Barnsley Boost grant of £1,000 in order to make some contribution towards the maintenance and storage of the Christmas lights.
  • CF mentioned the past success of the Easter raffle with the giant egg made by Melanie’s. A suggestion was made to contact Melanie again about the possibility of doing this again. Alternatively a suggestion was made to purchase separate Easter eggs in order make an Easter hamper for use in the raffle. Action Point: CF stated that he would contact Melanie for a price and then let the group know of the outcome.

CBCT Notes & Ongoing Projects:

  • CF stated that he had contacted the new area reporter for the Barnsley Chronicle and invited her to this meeting. Unfortunately she not been able to make it. It was confirmed by the members of the group that the venue, date, and times of the meeting had appeared in the Barnsley Chronicle
  • CF also suggested that he had been contacted regarding the Christmas Shoe Box appeal and this would be something that we would discuss at a future meeting. The idea of going in to the schools to launch this was muted. Action Point: discussion at next meeting
  • CF and AS had met with Mike Dawson about the possibility of featuring in a new, free magazine to be distributed in Cudworth and the surrounding areas. It was stated that this could be a really positive development in relation to promotion but it was not clear how this would work at this stage. Hopefully Mike will get back to us with more details soon
  • AS spoke about our ‘success’ in being selected to involved in the Sheffield Hallam University Venture Project. We had been invited to attend an introductory meeting with students and tutors on Monday 29th April where we would pass on our ideas. AS suggested that Amy Scattergood would help co-ordinate this along with Kerry. Action Point: Amy to contact the tutor for more information and then those involved arrange to meet to generate ‘mood board’
  • CF stated that we were slowly getting entrants for the photography competition although this was progressing slowly. We would continue to advertise this via social media and hopefully entries would increase as the weather began to improve. Action Point: CF stated that he would contact the photography club again.
  • CllR Wraith stated that he had checked the legislation in relation to markets within a distance of Barnsley Market and passed the relevant documents to CF to read in more detail. We had a discussion regarding the purchasing of market stalls and agreed that we would revisit this at a later date.
  • AS confirmed that all schools had been visited regarding the Bunny Trail design competition. He also stated that he would collect these on Monday. Julia stated that the entrants from Churchfield had been dropped off at Wishes. It was agreed that we would meet to consider the winners on Tuesday 26th March and that one winner and 10 ‘highly commended’ entrants would be selected from each school.
  • It was suggested that the Yorkshire CCC Bunny would need to be done as soon as possible and AS he would get Amy to complete it as soon as possible so it can be passed to Kerry. Action Point: Yorkshire CCC bunny to be completed during March.
  • CF stated that we were currently sitting at £300 for the CO-OP fund and that we would look to keep promoting this so that we can maximise the money we receive
  • CF also stated that he had been around the local shops to distribute ‘Shop Local’ stickers that many of them had seemingly displayed in doors/shop windows.
  • CF and AS spoke of the meeting that they had with Cllr Wraith and Haywood and David and Carline from the council regarding project ideas for the coming year. It was confirmed that the feedback and support from all was really positive going forward. Cllr Hayward also suggested that there could be funds available via the Ward Alliance for any future projects and that we should consider applying for this.
  • DG stated that the Cudworth flower pot project would go ahead again this year and he produced a list of shops/businesses that had expressed an interest in taking part. Both AS and CF volunteered to help Mike with distributing these if required.
  • A suggestion was made that we should consider making some form of contact with the Cudworth in Canada. It is hoped that this would be quite informal to begin with but could be an interesting and exciting idea. Action Point: AS and CF were to decide on how best to do this and look to make some contact
  • A lengthy discussion was held about the issue of dog fouling. DG stated that he had been contacted by several local residents about the issue and we would endeavour to address this as a group. Some different approaches were discussed and it was confirmed that we would look to focus on this in 2020 (along with a litter campaign).
  • CF relayed the information from Monday’s meeting about the plans for the former toilet area in the centre of Cudworth. This was progressing along with some funding from a local business and it was confirmed that it would be a low maintenance area that (among other things) would include planters that could potentially be sponsored by local businesses. It was confirmed that no benches would be included in an attempt to cut down on anti-social behaviour. We also hope to explore the possibility of including an artist mural in the area as a real centre piece of the village
  • DG gave an update on “Pride of Cudworth” lamp post banners project. This will be discussed at the next Cudworth Ward Alliance meeting, along with the cost of each banner.
  • AS gave an update on “Cudworth Walk Map”. AS and members of the Cudworth Ward Alliance, Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership and volunteers meet to discuss the proposals for a Cudworth Footpaths walk , before going out for a site visit.
  • We are waiting on outcome of the land use and pathways audit. When this has been completed (April). The aim will be to ascertain the paths that are available. The walk will either be one large circular route or three small circular routes.
  • There is a need to explore the logistics of path markers and information boards along sections the walk. If/when the group get the go ahead we can then start to move forward with this and look at funding/support for designing, purchasing and erecting these.
  • The group was asked to consider anything that might also need to go in the map. From the design that we are potentially going to use, there is a significant amount of space available for additional text/information/interactive tasks around the map section. AS suggested a section where walkers can look for (i) wildlife and (ii) the stone faces to tick off. AS also stated it be useful to add a ‘countryside code/H&S section’ too. Group suggestions included historic connections and facts. CBCT will also look to bring other local groups into the project moving forward.
  • CF highlighted our plan to purchase a ‘Rememberance light’ that may well be installed near to The Star pub for Christmas 2019. The idea of another CrowdFunder was explored that could potentially be topped up with funds from other events and/or Ward Alliance funding.
  • The group confirmed that the Great British Spring clean would take place on Saturday 30th
  • The date for Tea in the Park was confirmed as Sat 20th July
  • We also had early discussion about the approach to this years Christmas window competition. It was decided that we should probably make the theme a little clearer for this year but we were happy overall with the number of businesses who were involved but hoped to extend slightly
  • There was also discussion regarding the Gingerbread Trail for this Christmas and discussions were held regarding the number of shops/businesses that might want to be involved. It was decided that this should follow the same format as the Bunny Trail and the ladies from ‘Knit and Natter’ would hopefully produce these on our behalf.

Meeting finished: 7:00pm

Date for CBCT diary:

  • Co-op Collection Box Volunteers:
    Saturday 16th March, 9.00am – End
    Saturday 23rd March, 9.00am – End
    Saturday 6th April, 9.00am – End
    Saturday 27th April, 9.00am – End
  • Cudworth Bunny Trail School Design a Buuny Panel Meeting
    Tuesday 26th March 2019, 6.00pm – 7.00pm. Bow Street Office.
  • Date of next CBCT Meeting
    Thursday 28th March 2019, 6.00pm – 7.00pm. Bow Street Office.
  • Great British Spring Clean – Litter Pick
    Saturday 30th March 2019, 10.00am – 12.00 Noon, Cudworth Park. Sheffield
  • Hallam University Venture Project
    Monday 29th April 2019, 5.30pm at the Sheffield Hallam Institute of Arts, Fitzalan Square, Sheffield S1 2AY.

Cudworth Community Meeting