Cudworth Businesses & Community Together  Meeting Minutes Jan 2020

Meeting minutes – Thursday 30th January 2020 Bow Street Council Office 6.00pm – 7.00pm Attending: Chris Fox (Chair), Andrew Scattergood (Secretary), Julia Keeling, Kerry Barker, Sally Bean, Sue Scotcher, Diana Sanderson (Cudworth Co-op – Member Pioneer), David Gill (North East Area Community Development Officer), Councillor Charlie Wraith Apologies Tina Heaton (Treasurer), Keith Haigh, Janice Ennis, Chloe Roberts. […]

Cudworth Businesses & Community Together  Meeting Minutes June 2019 & AGM

Meeting Minutes Banner Mar 2019

AGM / Meeting minutes – Thursday 30th May 2019 Attending: Chris Fox, Andrew Scattergood, Tina Heaton, Julia Keeling, Kerry Barker, Sue Scotcher, Simon Davey, Jason White (The Civic’s Community Officer), David Gill (North East Area Community Development Officer) Apologies: Jonathan Davis, Sally Bean, Chris Dylla, Rowena Butteriss, Chloe Roberts, Janice Ennis, Charlie Wraith MBE, Joe […]

Pride of Cudworth campaign

The Cudworth Ward Alliance have launched a new Pride of Cudworth campaign which pays tribute to the people of Cudworth who have achieved great things and received recognition at national or international level. These individuals will be represented on artwork which will be displayed on lamp post banners in the Cudworth High Street. Nomination Criteria […]