Cudworth Businesses & Community Together  Meeting Minutes Jan 2020

Meeting minutes – Thursday 30th January 2020

Bow Street Council Office 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Chris Fox (Chair), Andrew Scattergood (Secretary), Julia Keeling, Kerry Barker, Sally Bean, Sue Scotcher, Diana Sanderson (Cudworth Co-op – Member Pioneer), David Gill (North East Area Community Development Officer), Councillor Charlie Wraith

Tina Heaton (Treasurer), Keith Haigh, Janice Ennis, Chloe Roberts.

CF welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

15th November our representatives attended the Proud of Barnsley Awards. We was in the “Love Where You Live” category. The nominees were Cudworth Bunny Trail, Friends of Elsecar Park and GoodGym Barnsley. I’m proud to say we won and thank you for all your support and thank you to the businesses that took part, the 3 Primary schools for contributing to the design a Bunny competition and all the artists that designed Bunnies.

The Cudworth Ward Alliance have sent us a congratulations letter regarding our Award.

Jason White from the Civic is running artist workshops at Valley Community Centre soon on a monthly basis – the details are on the Cudworth Facebook page.

Caroline Donovan – North East Area Council Manager – We’ve supplied monitoring information and spending to date for the 1st Health & Wellbeing grant we received towards the Walking Map projects.

Claire Beecroft – Live Well Barnsley/Community Development Officer – Community events – Contact made regarding featuring our community events – CF will make contact as projects progress.

Peter Cox – Hull & Barnsley Railway Stock Fund – See correspondence attached – Details have been forwarded to David Gill and  Councillor Charlie Wraith


Externally checked North Accounting Limited: £100.00.

Remembrance Day Lights 2020 & 2021
Cost of installation: £260.00 per year (Funding to be ringfenced for 2020 / 2021)
Switch on: £300.00 (This will have to be actioned and confirmed by Simon Davey if he wants to run an event again). Funding will need to be raised.

Christmas Lights 2020
The balance of funding held by BMBC on behalf of CBCT will be released in full this year.

Christmas Lights 2021
Look to raise £1000.00 – This will be from the sales of the 2021 Cudworth Calendar.

CBCT Self Promotion
New Banner/Display Board/Leaflets

Hair Straighteners, Pamper Gift Set & Candle Gift Set

Dates 2020

CBCT 2020 AGM: May 2020 – TBC
Board – Constitution – Goals/Aims – Group Name – Members

Tea in the Park: Saturday 18th July 2020 (TBC)
Pride of Cudworth Banners: Summer TBC
New Public Area on High Street (Cudworth Corner): Ongoing
Cudworth Gateway Improvements: Ongoing

Cudworth Calendar 2021 Photo Deadline: Saturday 20th June 2020
Cudworth Calendar 2021 Judging: Thursday 25th June 2020 TBC
Cudworth Bunny Trail 2020 – Design a Bunny Deadline: 20th Match 2020
Cudworth Bunny Trail 2020: 27th June 2020 – 5th September 2020

IDEAS 2020

£3000.00 minimum is needed to meet this year’s targets, contribute to the Christmas Lights in 2021 and have the money in reserve for a 2021 Cudworth Calendar. Approximately half of the money can be raised via small grants etc but we still need £1500.00 (Last year we had a grant from the Co-op, a grant from the Ward Alliance and Simon Davey & The Star contributed a great deal to the Remembrance Day Lights. All the Christmas lights funding contribution from 2019 was ring-fenced from 2019 and the funding for 2020 has been ringfenced from 2019 but that funding has now all been used after this year’s contribution).

Ideas are always welcome however if you suggest a project, you must be prepared to run the project, produce full costings, consider insurance/public liability and see the project through to the conclusion – The group will be on-hand to offer support.

Visit Cudworth Website
Update needed – All meeting notes need adding – News update – Business Listings added and updated

Cudworth Facebook Page
Would like an additional Admin – Volunteer: Sally Bean

Calendar 2020
200 units (150 was too few / 300 to many / 200 units best price per unit)
Cudworth Calendar 2021 Photo Deadline: Saturday 20th June 2020
Cudworth Calendar 2021 Judging: Thursday 25th June 2020
Cudworth Calendar 2021 Delivery: Saturday 4th July 2020 (TBC)
Launch ASAP

Cudworth Bunny Trail 2020
Bunnies going on tour with the Proud of Barnsley Award
Feb: School 1
March: School 2
April: School 3
May: Wishes Window

Bunnies x 12 (Need all 12 businesses to sign up ASAP)

Need to buy bunnies and contact artists ASAP

School bunnies – AS to contact schools

Jason White (The Civic): Workshops linked into the Bunny Trail. He’ll be purchasing some bunnies to decorate and may have artists leading workshops too.

Cudworth Pin Badges
Pin Badges and will feature the website etc
Councillor Charlie Wraith supplied a photo of the Cudworth Mayor’s badge and crest to be researched.

Cudworth Post Card
Featuring the Cudworth Crest and photos from the calendar(s).

Walking Maps
2nd Print run of walking maps is budgeted for we need to review once weather improves.
2nd display board and Waymarkers –Need to explore who owns the land?
Focus of the next meeting.

Remembrance Day Projects
Soldier Silhouettes 2020: We should be able to reuse – looking to add some fabric/plastic poppies – Need someone to volunteer to source the poppies.
Remembrance Lights – Switch on? (CF to contact Simon Davey)

Cudworth Stone Faces and Village Landmark Walking Map
Cudworth Treasure Hunt/History Trail
Update Display Board
Installation of current Cudworth Stone Faces and additional “sculptures”.
David Gill to investigate installing the 3 Cudworth Stone Faces CBCT already have.
Remembrance Day Sculpture: Stoneface Creatives – Funding needed.
Sculptures: Cudworth Stone Faces & Maybe Lion, Mining Helmet, Rabbit – CF & AS to meet with Melvin Dickinson

Christmas Window Display Competition
Some wonderful entries and we’d like to congratulate AGE UK Barnsley on winning. We again had a few comments/suggestions and people concerned about the “People’s Choice Award”. Lots of positive comments too but we need to look at the wording and message (i.e. the shops are asked if they want to take etc).

Christmas Fair
Need to review location (Liability) and logistical issues of the market stalls.
Need to raise funding

Loose Ideas (Review Feedback Forms)
Visit Cudworth Video
Cudworth Play/Theatre Group (This really is a separate group)
Bonfire Night (Public Liability)
Cudworth Music Charity Single – Logistics & Costs – Cannot donate to other groups
Music Festival – Public Liability and hire of park – would need funding and would need to contact Parks & Recreation.