Cudworth Canada

Cudworth Canada

Did you know there is more than one Cudworth?

Yes, its true, our own Barnsley Cudworth has a Canuck cousin in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our twin is a small town located approximately 85km North East of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the Minnichinas hills. First, I’d like to share my own confession. When I first set up our shop’s Facebook business page I did some research and found a few odd things that didn’t make sense… Where was the Cudworth Museum and outdoor swimming pool I had read about for one?

I joined a Cudworth Facebook group and found them more interested in baseball than football. The simple answer was I’d got my Cudworths confused.  It did make me wonder are there bewildered Canadian’s in our Barnsley Facebook groups asking themselves “What is a bread cake?” and “Why do they keep calling me cocker?”.

Of course, I jest but here’s some quick facts about the other Cudworth:

  • The town was originally established by settlers of Eastern European origin including people from Germany, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine.
  • The town has a population of 850 people (Compared to our Cudworth’s population of 10,977!)
  • Located two miles west of Cudworth is the historic Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine. The shrine was established after three children saw a beautiful sad lady dragging chains and carrying a golden cross: When they approached her, she vanished.
  • The town has an ice rink and swimming pool.

The Mayor of Cudworth

Move forward a few years and our community group Cudworth Businesses & Community Together couldn’t resist reaching out to our Canadian friends in 2019. Putting together a pack including a letter and a number of leaflets we posted them off and waited excitably for a reply. Then a few weeks later it came. From the Mayor of Cudworth Elaine Olexson, no less. A letter, leaflets and even some Cudworth pin badges.

Cudworth Mayor wrote to us:

I am writing on behalf of the Town of Cudworth in response to your recent letter. Thank you for the package of materials from Cudworth. It was very interesting. Congratulations on the initiatives your community group has taken to enrich the lives of the residents of Cudworth, England.

Our town has a population of 850 people. We are located in the central eastern part of Saskatchewan approximately one hour away from four cities, including Prince Albert and Saskatoon. We have a full slate of amenities in our town including a grocery store, a lumber yard, mechanic garages, a pharmacy, restaurants and a hotel/pub as well as several other shops.

There is a very strong community spirit here which has raised 400,000 dollars to install artificial ice in our skating rink in the past year. As well we have a newly refurbished swimming pool that the community raised $300,000 dollars for three years ago.

We have a kindergarten- grade 12 School, a library, a town hall, a senior’s centre, fire services, a health centre and a museum, which is housed in the old train station. We have partnered with the surrounding municipalities and with a private company which offers short line rail excursion experiences to tourists. I have included a pamphlet regarding the 2019 excursions.

Although there is no formal business/community group here, our citizens form groups (usually short term) to raise funds for community projects. We do however have other groups such as Lions International, Knights of Columbus, The Cudworth Senior’s Association, and The Cudworth Recreation Board that contribute to the community. We have enclosed a package of materials from Cudworth, Saskatchewan and wish you every success with your newly formed Business and Community Group.

Harvesting in Cudworth

Ida-Rose Wilde who runs the Canadian Cudworth Community Facebook group spoke to us in August 2019:

In this part of rural Saskatchewan, the economy is primarily based on farming. Harvest is rapidly approaching. Prior to the crops being harvested, our gardens are ready to be harvested. Though our grandparents were dependent on gardens and livestock to feed them- selves, it has been a long time since it was necessary, and it became uncommon. In the past few years, it has begun a resurgence in urban areas. In rural areas, it has remained a common practice. Right now, the vegetables and fruit trees are demanding attention. Common fruits grown here are Saskatoon Berries, sour cherries, strawberries and raspberries. Still to mature are apples and choke- cherries. Common vegetables that are already harvested this year are peas, beans, lettuce, spinach. Currently the cucumbers are in season. Still to come are various types of squash, tomatoes, peppers and corn. Root vegetables such as carrots, beets and potatoes are ready to use, but only what is being used is harvested. Usually they stay in the ground till freeze up. (that way they store for a longer period of time).

Those of us who enjoy gardening also enjoy flower gardens. We are blessed with a lot of space and we fill it with plants! We also have large areas of lawn. With such a short growing season, we like any excuse to be outside, even if it is to work.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and learning about the Canadian Cudworth. If you have any of your own stories or facts, please send them to