Pride of Cudworth campaign

The Cudworth Ward Alliance have launched a new Pride of Cudworth campaign which pays tribute to the people of Cudworth who have achieved great things and received recognition at national or international level.

These individuals will be represented on artwork which will be displayed on lamp post banners in the Cudworth High Street.

Nomination Criteria

The Pride of Cudworth project is giving recognition to Cudworth people who were born or lived in Cudworth and have achieved in their particular field nationally and internationally. We are proud of their achievements in a wide range of activities including the arts, engineering, entertainment, science, sport  and the British Armed Forces. This project is a starting point for celebrating the contribution made by Cudworth people in our community and beyond. We are pleased to recognise such amazing and inspirational Cudworth people.

Award category:

  • Arts
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment
  • Science
  • Sport
  • The British Armed Forces

How to nominate

Enter your nomination e-mail:

The Closing date for nominations is Friday 17 May 2019