Bunny Picking Up Litter

Help us keep Cudworth clean and tidy. Please don’t drop litter around our little village as it can hurt our wildlife. Discarded drink cans are tempting to small animals who are looking for food or shade. Animals can be cut by the cans’ sharp edges too. Broken glass can cause serious injury and animals can get trapped in jars. Animals can climb inside plastic bags and suffocate, or eat them and choke. Animals can get entangled in plastic can holders. Chewing gum is very bad for our animals if they eat it.

Let’s look after Cudworth and our Cudworth critters. Protecting wildlife from harmful rubbish is easy: Dispose of your rubbish responsibly in a nearby rubbish bin. A tidy Cudworth is a nice place for our animals to live in and be happy bunnies.

Litter Picker Bunny illustration by Jessica Woodhouse


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